New Challenges-New Research Tools

May 12, 2014

Eleanor M. Perfetto, Ph.D., M.S.

Clinicians are faced with a flood of new comparative effectiveness research (CER) studies that use increasingly complex research methods. The question remains the same- How do we make the best treatment recommendations? One thing is certain; we can't afford to discount information from studies just because the methods are unfamiliar.

New challenges require new tools! The CER Certificate program (CCP) is designed to retool decision-makers with a range of new practice skills in CER.

The CCP is a 19-hour, ACPE approved certificate program to help you hone your study assessment skills! It will introduce you to technology tools specifically designed by the CER Collaborative (AMCP, ISPOR, and NPC) to help decision-makers assess and synthesize information from multiple studies. At the end of the program you can channel your new skills into transparent and well-informed decision-making.

Veteran researchers from academia, industry, and managed care have joined forces to transfer the most pertinent, cutting-edge CER methods using a robust multi-media online platform. If you need to know it- it is in this certificate program. Learn about a range of research designs: prospective and retrospective observational studies, modeling studies, indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analysis, and synthesis of a body of evidence.

I'm the program director and I will "see" you online at!

Eleanor M. Perfetto, Ph.D., M.S.
Professor, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research