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CER Certificate (PHONE): Comparative Effectiveness Research in Decision-making Students

Credit Hours: 19.0  |   Fee: $495.00

** Sorry, this course is closed and is no longer accessible. **

CER Collaborative

The goal of the Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) certificate program is to guide pharmacists and other clinical decision-makers by advancing their expertise in assessing evidence that comes from new, unfamiliar research designs, particularly observational research methods, indirect treatment comparisons, modeling, and meta-analyses, making use of the online CER Collaborative tool and resources.

Learner’s will increase their awareness, understanding, and confidence in their ability to critically appraise new study designs and synthesize evidence to guide formulary and coverage decisions.

This certificate program guides learners in the application of the research methods and tools to assess current questions in real-world settings. Five online modules and one synchronous teleconference workshop will improve learner analytical skills through the peer critique of case presentations. Our robust, interactive, online learning environment is designed for hands-on practice using case studies.

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Modules 1-5 are asynchronous and online.

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Modules 1-5 are asynchronous and online.

Module 6 is a synchronous teleconference meeting.

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The growing availability of new research methods poses challenges and opportunities for today's formulary decision-maker. There is little guidance on how to evaluate and use these new studies, creating a risk for two undesirable outcomes: new study data being misinterpreted or critical information not being used to inform decision-making. However, a new online CER tool is now available to help evaluate and incorporate this growing body of evidence into decision-making.

The 19-hour certificate program emphasizes the use of an online CER tool and resource materials developed by the CER Collaborative to increase the consistency and transparency of the analyses of CER studies. The CER tool guides learners as they assess the quality, relevance and rigor of evidence in CER studies.

Participants in the program can expect to achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the use of comparative effectiveness research (CER) in health care clinical and formulary decision-making;
  2. Evaluate appropriateness and methodological rigor of a single observational or synthesis study;
  3. Synthesize the literature across research designs; and
  4. Using available tools, apply CER methods to current medication-related decisions.

Successful Completion of the Program: The Certificate Program is broken down into 6 modules. The learner must successfully complete each module with a 70% passing rate within a 12-month period of time. Each module test can be repeated up to 3 times to achieve this passing rate of 70% or greater. Those learners who do not successfully complete all modules in the certificate program during the 12 month time frame will not be eligible to complete the program, receive CE credit or receive a certificate. Participants receive automatic and immediate notification of their successfully or unsuccessful completion for each module. At the conclusion and successful completion of the Certificate Program Requirements, a special electronic certificate will be accessible to the learner through the Knowledge Enterprise Learning Management System.

Cancellation or postponement of specific sessions will be provided to learners 15 days in advance of the workshop (phone or meet).

CE: 19.0 Contact Hours
UAN: 0025-0000-16-160-B04-P
Expiration Date: 4/23/2019
Program Number: CERC01OL M3

About the CER Collaborative:
AMCP, ISPOR, and NPC formed the CER Collaborative to provide greater uniformity and transparency in the evaluation and use of evidence for coverage and health care decision-making with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

Partnership for CCP Development
The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy joins the CER Collaborative and engages the educational technologies of the CIPS Knowledge Enterprise to develop, design, and deliver this program for health decision-makers.

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